It’s true. There are more than one type of vegetable and they each offer their own superpowers. From root vegetables and cruciferous vegetables to leafy greens, you’re sure to find a selection to suit any craving. Aaaaand, if you happen to have gestational diabetes, be sure to fill up on non-starchy vegetables, which are a healthy (and super satisfying!) alternative to carbs. You’ll notice that for every recipe that calls for vegetables, we’ll remind you to thoroughly wash your produce, because #mombrain.

Morning Sickness-Friendly Chicken Barley Soup
Good-For-Ya Chicken Barley Soup
Let’s GO White Bean, Chicken, and Vegetable Soup
Spicy Smoky Black Bean Butternut Soup
Seriously Kickin’ Chicken
Sofishticated Braised Shrimp Puttanesca
Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas with Pinto Beans
Anti-Inflammatory Spiced Chicken Broth
Bean Chicka-Wow Soup
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