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We’re the only searchable collection of pregnancy-friendly recipes on the internet. Made from scratch, our wholesome recipes are developed by women, for women. Eating for two? We got you.

Our recipes are developed under the caring guidance of an RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) in addition to a Licensed Midwife in good standing with the California Medical Board who’s also a Certified Professional Midwife as granted by the North American Registry of Midwives and a professional Lactation Consultant as certified by the IBCLC (International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners). While we refer to trusted sources from peer-reviewed medical journals to information from highly regarded worldwide health institutions, this website is not intended to replace medical advice. Consult your personal midwife, doctor, or nutritionist with health questions related to your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Kendra Aronson

Pregnant and Hungry Founder

It all started with a conversation about prosciutto.

My best friend spilled the beans while pregnant with her daughter—tasty deli meat treats are a no-go when you’re knocked up. *Insert dramatic jaw drop here* If that’s true, what else did I not know? And more importantly, what resource could I count on?

Naturally, this led to searching for a definitive source of pregnancy-friendly recipes and nutrition facts all in one place, but lo and behold, it didn’t exist. So I made one!

Pregnant and Hungry is for you and (future) me.

It’s the only searchable collection of recipes on the internet with filters by pregnancy-specific ailments, cravings, dietary restrictions, and meal types. On top of that, it makes meal planning (and grocery shopping!) a total breeze in just a few clicks.

Hope you love every bite, Mama!

My friends make the cutest babies!

It Takes a Village

As the Founder of Pregnant and Hungry, I wear many hats: food stylist, food photographer, recipe developer, cookbook author—but this is by no means a one-woman show. I would not be here today without the talents of these fine ladies:

Web & Cookbook Team

Gloria Aronson

Food Styling Assistant

Brandi Bernoskie

Web Developer

Jessie Becher

Recipe Editor

Megan Bochum

Licensed Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife, IBCLC Lactation Consultant

Tracie Chavoor

RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist)

Lauren Cook

Recipe Editor

Lorraine Donegan

Book Designer

Aisha Floyd

Ontraport Specialist

Joanna Greenbaum

UI Design Consultant

Laura Hennigan

Virtual Assistant

Do-Hee Kim

Web Designer

Beth Leibovich

UX Design Consultant

Chloe List


Christy Wolff

Copywriting Consultant

Recipe Developers & Contributors

Kendra Aronson of Pregnant and Hungry

Michelle Aronson of Farmbelly

Betsi Ashby of Grrrnola

Megan Bochum of Pacific Midwifery

Danielle Campbell of Chef Danielle Campbell

Janani Ram Narayan of The Organic Baby Food Cookbook

Jennifer Clair of Home Cooking New York

Kanchan Koya of Spice Spice Baby

Olivia Mack McCool of Liv in the Moment

Alicia Simpson of Pea Pod Nutrition & Lactation Support

Marcia Smart of Smart in the Kitchen

Wanna share your tastiest pregnancy-friendly recipes?

It’s easy! Here’s how:

Recipe Contributors

Are you a food blogger or cookbook author with copyrights to your own published recipes? You’ve done the recipe development, recipe testing, and recipe writing—now it’s time to be financially rewarded for all your hard work! When we license your recipes, you’ll get author credit on our site and a shout-out on Instagram when we share your recipes.

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Recipe Developers

Now Recipe Developers, we’re lookin’ at you. Wanna create new never-before-shared recipes made exclusively for Pregnant and Hungry? We offer competitive recipe development rates and include a grocery stipend. Once your recipe is published on our site, you’re welcome to add it to your portfolio and share across social channels too.

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Every Mother Counts

Nearly all maternal deaths across the globe are preventable when women have access to quality, respectful, and equitable maternity care. Whether you give Pregnant and Hungry to yourself or someone you love—every subscription supports maternal health worldwide with a donation to the nonprofit Every Mother Counts. Thank you for helping make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere.

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