Fish provides much needed protein, healthy omega-3 fats (DHA and EPA), and iodine to you and your baby. That’s why you’ll find find plenty of recipes for low-mercury fish around here—including FDA-recommended “Best Choices” (consume 2-3 servings a week): anchovies, cod, salmon, scallops, shrimp, tilapia, chunk light canned tuna, and FDA-recommended “Good Choices” (consume 1 serving a week): halibut and snapper. We encourage you to cook seafood to the FDA-approved internal temperature of 145°F or previously cooked seafood heated to 165°F.

Under the Tuscan Baby Moon Kale
Gestational Hypertension-Friendly Swiss Chard Puttanesca
Feelin’ Extra Fine Baked Salmon with Sticky Walnut Thyme Sauce
Sail Away Mediterranean Salmon Bowl
The Perks of Being a Cauliflower with Tomatoes and Capers
A Little R&R
Salt Lover’s Chickpeas and Chard with Anchovies, Olives, and Capers
Sofishticated Braised Shrimp Puttanesca
Cesarian Ceasar
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